Hygrotech was founded in 1984 and originated from a company called                     
Roode Lyon  which was well known in the vegetable seed and agricultural  industries
of South Africa. Hygrotech pioneered the development of F1 
 hybrids in the 
South African vegetable industry. Our innovative name is derived from: 
 - Hybrid    
 - Growing    
 - Technologies
Many other technologies were introduced, developed and championed by Hygrotech in SA in the early 
days such as – the Seedling system and polystyrene 
stickers etc.
and distribution in both South Africa and East Africa. 
FertAgChem a division of Hygrotech was launched in 2011, the main purpose of the division is research 
and development of softer 
agricultural chemicals, another innovative name:  
 - Fertiliser    
 - Agricultural    
 - Chemicals
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 trays foliar feeding, environmentally friendly 
Thus it is fitting that Hygrotech is now deemed the market leader in vegetable seed marketing 
Offering a "one stop" service to more that 4 000 clients throughout South Africa, Hygrotech offers seed, adjuvants, growth stimulants, seedling systems (seed trays, growing medium and sowing machines),  adjuvants, fertilisers, foliar feeds, biological products, plant manipulators and mechanical implements  – in short many of the necessities for the modern vegetable farmer, and agriculture in Eastern Africa.